Jonathan Burke – Designer

I was immersed in construction as a young boy by my father, who was involved in designing a building a numerous dwellings and also served as a building inspector, I chose to take architecture in college. Simultaneously, I began designing and constructing homes in Santa Cruz and elsewhere in Northern California. Over time I’ve come to appreciate green home design, as well as homes of somewhat different style than the usual boxy type.


In the 1970s I owned a high-end custom furniture business in Florida, designing and building custom furniture for interior decorators in the Palm Beach area for customers from New York to France.

Moving to Santa Cruz, California in the 1980s, I took on the title of “Shipwright”, building and repairing large ships and yachts. I designed a fishing vessel for the Alaskan fleet called by Pacific Fishing Magazine as “The Rolls Royce” of the fleet.

Building boats gave me a greater understanding of the need for economy in design and eco-friendly methods.

With this knowledge, I began to work with clients to design and build homes that are a pleasure to live in, economical and friendly toward the environment